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International Reporting Inc.


International Reporting Inc  is always on the lookout for talented and enthusiastic people to join our team.   Please forward any expression of interest via the form below and we will be pleased to contact you in relation to employment opportunities.

​The majority of the work is court hearings and discoveries from multiple jurisdictions across Canada and the United States, and the rate of pay varies by project.  There are many instances when a higher page rate is available, depending upon the requested turnaround time, but if the turnaround time is not expedited, lower rates apply.  

​Your responsibility would be to transcribe and proofread against the audio court reporter style transcripts from digitally recorded proceedings.Court Reporters must have basic computer troubleshooting knowledge and must be comfortable handling various recording devices.   Experience with Word Perfect or WORD is a requirement.  There is a short test that is administered to see if you qualify.  It is an actual court hearing of approximately 5 minutes duration, and it is a required element to acceptance for contractor work.

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