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Encompass and Continuum

Maintaining the security, integrity

and workflow of the digital record

International Reporting offers a range of digital recording solutions for clients who want a verbatim record of their meetings or hearings that is easy to store, search and share. To complement our transcription services, International Reporting supplies complete turn-key solutions that provide digital audio recording without a complicated installation procedure or changes to your current workflow.

The audio recording solutions we provide are fully integrated with our transcription services, creating a complete, streamlined workflow. For meetings, hearings, or depositions, we bundle VIQ Solutions user-friendly Encompass Pro Suite with a professional-strength multi-channel sound mixer for a complete solution.  All you need to provide is a laptop computer and microphones. Encompass is fully integrated with VIQ's NetScribe transcription solution, so you'll be able to securely send your recorded audio for professional transcription instantly, even while you're still recording.

Encompass Pro Key Features

  • Multi-tiered system
  • Central storage and access
  • Web broadcasting using AccessPOINT.  
  • Netscribe Transcription Management Plug-IN
  • Automated Data synchronization process for redundancy
  • Capable of simultaneous video capture
  • Integration to case management systems 

For larger installations, we can provide a complete digital recording, transcription, and workflow solution. We have extensive experience in the design and installation of court recording systems, from component selection and matching to systems testing and project control. Since many meetings or hearings occur in remote or off-site locations, we offer a range of portable solutions that can be easily transported between locations. These solutions can be independent, standalone solutions or integrated as part of a larger networked installation.

When you're debating a verdict or preparing your final arguments, you need your case information available anytime, anywhere. The AccessPOINT Portal provides judges, lawyers, and other authorized parties with secure, password-protected access to court recordings, annotations, and transcription services from their office, home computer, or any computer with an Internet connection. The AccessPOINT Portal is available 24 hours a day and every transaction is securely protected.For a more comprehensive listing of our available products online please visit VIQ Solutions