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International Reporting Inc.


For over 35 years, International Reporting Inc. has been a leader of efficient verbatim reporting services. We offer the following services:

  • Court Reporting Services

  • Court Registrar Services

  • Verbatim transcription including daily-copy, expedite and 10-day delivery

  • Professional secure digital recordings

  • Online Document management solutions

  • Telephone, Video & Web conferencing

  • Audio/Video recording & online webcasting

  • Simultaneous translation

  • Services are provided in either of Canada's official languages (English/French)

With our state-of-the-art digital recording system solution, International Reporting is capable of simultaneously recording testimony and securely submitting the audio to a remote location for expedited transcription.

We have the capability of producing 90,000 pages of transcript per month, with delivery available word-wide electronically and in printed format. We provide our clients with secure, online access to their transcripts from our high-capacity servers. We can also upload transcripts to our clients' servers.

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Staff members may access internal resources such as scheduling information, transcription templates and training materials.

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